About Us

A message from Wayne Burkart, Owner & Operator of Burky’s Grill

Dear Friends,

       Welcome home… to Burky’s Grill! I hope you’ve missed us as much as we’ve missed you.

       A few years ago I retired and sold Ritzy’s after seventeen wonderful years serving the residents and guests of Myrtle Beach. Two years later, I realized a couple of things: First, that retirement is definitely not for me and, secondly, that people missed the sandwiches, chilli, salads and ice cream that made us THE local favorite for almost two decades.

       In the spring of 2003 the opportunity arose to re-open the restaurant in the same location. Although we have a new name, our menu offers the same great recipes that you’ve always loved. And, yes, our ice cream is still the best in town!

       We’ve completely renovated the building, adding new equipment and a bright, cheerful dining space. We play 1950’s classics on our sound system…with a little Beach Music thrown in to keep the locals happy. Like before, our friendly staff sets the standard for quality service along the Grand Strand.

       I think you’ll agree that Burky’s Grill will be the favorite family restaurant for Myrtle Beach locals… and visitors… for years to come.

Wayne Burkart

Owner and Operator

Owned and operated by Wayne Burkart, the restaurant offers traditional American fare, including hamburgers, hot dogs, Cincinnati style chili, barbecue, fried bologna, soups, salads and ice cream… all done in a friendly 1950’s setting.

Located in front of the Village Square shopping center, the restaurant enjoys a huge local following and is especially popular with business people, students, police officers and firefighters.

Burky’s Grill is also a regular lunch and dinner stop for vacationers who enjoy the smiles and good food they know will be waiting for them year after year.

Burky’s Grill is a place for family fun. Little kids enjoy our ice-cream while the adults enjoy our delicious burgers, hot dogs and more. Stop by Burky’s today and you too will leave with a smile. We guarantee it.